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EmpowerWOMENt -Successful Enterpreneurial Empowerment for Women in Start-up Business

A woman in entrepreneurship is a great source for growth in Europe; however women need different approaches than men. Women might choose different business areas and work differently than men. Many women like to include social values in their work as well. This is why we need entrepreneurial ecosystems for women, based on their own life experiences and value systems.
In this context ecosystem means communities of support structures, mutual help and networking resources put at the service of entrepreneurial women - an interactivity creating its own self-sustaining ecology. The project aims to design and pilot such ecosystems in different partner countries, and to produce case based guidance to other European communities.
The core mission is to empower entrepreneurial women to create such eco-systems themselves in support of consolidating and expanding their business.
Target Groups Of The Projects
Local Target Groups

-Primary target group is entrepreneurial women in fragile and often difficult business (products or services) start-up situations (1-3 years) and in need of support measures including local and virtual eco-systems
-Secondary target group is experienced and successful entrepreneurial women offering the start-up groups inspiration and practical useful guidance -Tertiary target group is existing, emerging or new local eco-systems of support in the partner communities, including entrepreneurial drivers and enablers in the community
European Target Groups -Primary target group and beneficiaries are similar start-up groups of women across Europe, including existing or emerging eco-systems of support -Secondary target group is the European audience of entrepreneurial learning, including professionals, researchers and a wider community of stakeholders -Tertiary target group is European policy-makers and funding programmers in the fields of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial learning These target groups are built up along the project progression, based on the dissemination of project outcomes.
For more information about the EmpowerWOMENt -Partners visit the "Results/Outputs" section.
Who Is Implementing EmpowerWOMENt -
The EmpowerWOMENt - project is being implemented by a transnational Consortium of 8 partners from Turkey,Austria,Italy,Romania,Spain,Portugal,France each of them bringing in expertise and know-how for both the smooth implementation of the project, as well as the development of high quality outcomes and provisions.
For more information about the EmpowerWOMENt -Partners visit the "Partners" section.

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